What’s There To Do With Kids In The Hampton’s In The Winter?

So, as I sit here in the office on this snowy Tuesday, I find myself thinking….why would people want to live in the Hampton’s in the winter. What is there to do? Sure we all know the main reason people buy and rent homes out here, the number one answer is THE BEACH. Besides the beautiful ocean beaches and tranquil bays, what is someone to do here when it is -20 degrees. I like most people who live here year round, am local. I grew up here, I spent many winters here in fact, and I like many, dream of taking that Caribbean vacation to get away from the cold. One great thing about living on the island is that we do have somewhat easy access to get away. A simple hour and half drive and you are at JFK or Laguardia. Of course I always prefer to fly out of Islip if it is possible, but we all know those planes can only get us as far as Florida or California. Someday I dream of international travel out of Islip….someday.
So, what is there to do when we can’t travel? Sure there are tons of arts and crafts we can do with the kids, but the dollar store bargains only last an hour and there are only so many movies we can watch. Yesterday I got a call from a mother looking to spend some time out here and she asked me what there was to do. I thought it over and ended up emailing her a list of some great activities for the kids, and I thought I would share some of those with you. Sure we all value our homes and the amenities they offer, but more then just the structure itself, the communities and what they offer really add to the value of your home.  The East End has a lot to offer, and I am sure going to miss some in this list. If you can think of anything else, please feel free to add them in the comments below.

The Children’s Museum Of The East End  :  I met my girlfriend there the other day as she had never been there and we thought it would be a great place to take her one year old and my  three year old for the day.  (I had to explain we would come again soon to my 7 year old since she was in school all day)  We had a great time.  Did you know that the Hampton Bays Library has a free pass?  That pass included myself and my friend and our two children, and if we had more kids with us I believe it would have covered them.  Did you know with your free library card you can access a ton of local museums and also many in the city?  Take a look here for a full brochure of all the places you can go with a free pass!  Anyway, back to the children’s museum, it is a great place for young kids.  I would say up to about 11 year old.  In the winter you have access to a large jungle gym, those cute fisher price roller coasters, a toddler play area, a library, art room, firetrucks, ice cream parlor (fake), a grocery store, a science part, a music part, fishing, costume section, its just a great place to go when the winter is so cold!

Long Island Aquarium:  Many people don’t think of the aquarium as a fun place to go in the winter, but honestly, it will get the kids running around for an hour and get some energy out, while learning something.  There is a ton to do even though the outside may not be accessible.  There is a bunch of sharks, sea lions, fish, a coloring area, a touch tank and a stingray tank plus the awesome bird and butterfly exhibit.  This may not be the cheapest place to go for an hour or so in the winter, but I did get the yearly pass, it works out to be so much cheaper if you plan on going more then once.  I would highly recommend it.

Quogue Wildlife Refuge:  I know this is mostly an outdoor place, but inside offers a great viewing of the outdoor wildlife, an area with large turtles for the kids to see, a bunch of reptiles and a coloring area.  When I went to link to this place, I also noticed that they have a winter camp.  I had no idea, it looks like a great place to bring the kids during their winter break.  Check out the link.  Don’t quote me on this, but I think you can even use ski’s and go cross country skiing in the trails.

Safari Place:  This is a great little place to bring the kids on a cold day.  There are tons of jungle gyms to climb, bounce houses, video games and pizza too!

SYS Southampton Rec Center:  I have to admit, I have never been here.  I am putting it down because all I hear are great things.  Someday soon I will check this place out.  Have you been here?  It seems they offer a ton of things for kids to do!

There are a ton of other things to do with the children with a short drive, many local theaters have plays for the children, there is the Parish Art Museum, the local movie theaters, the South Fork Museum in Bridgehampton, the ice skating rink in Southampton, all the local libraries to visit, Chuck E Cheese, Build A Bear at Smithaven Mall, Home Depot and Lowes have build events for kids on Saturdays, you can even take the kids on a seal hike on the beach, the other day my husband..who surfs in this crazy cold weather, found a cute seal on the beach.  They are out there in the water if you keep an eye out.  The Hampton’s is a great place to live, even if there is two feet of snow and  its -20 Degrees.

These are just some of the reasons I like to call the Hampton’s my home.  This community and all it offers really adds value to your home, support your local community and you will see this will do wonders to our homes values.  Also keep in mind to build a snowman…..The Town Of Southampton is hosting a snowman contest, check it out here.  Oh and if all else fails and you don’t want to leave the house, my friend Kate came up with a great idea.  Have the kids match all the socks and put them in a ball and have an indoor sock fight!   Stay warm everyone!